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Our Bentley Mulsanne upholds the British luxury carmaker’s greatest hand-crafted heritage. The Mulsanne is driven by a large-capacity turbocharged V8 engine. It also comes with enough power and torque for smooth and effortless drifting at high speeds.

We have been closely following each release of Bentley’s models. In late 2016, we realized that Bentley had implemented a number of mid-life upgrades to the saloon. Some of the upgrades included redesigned front and rear lights. The motor company also included additional equipment and a new Extended Wheelbase (EWB) version to keep the firm’s flagship fresh. The Mulsanne Speed variation is for those who wish to drive in style and luxury.

The Bentley Mulsanne makes a statement with its elegant exterior and sumptuous interior.

Most of us have probably had a ride in the Mulsanne, and if you haven’t, then don’t worry. We’ll take you through it and even include images of the Mulsane vehicle. At the end of it, you’ll realize that few things in life can match the style and panache of the Mulsane when it comes to making a statement. Let’s begin with the Mulsanne’s winged logo; the logo is one of the most coveted symbols in the world, and its massive proportions and massive grille make it noticeable.

We can all agree that there are few cars that command as much attention on the road as this stunning saloon. The Mulsanne’s interior ambience is equally impressive as its exterior. We will provide you with a vehicle with a beautifully crafted wood interior leather. The alloy detailing gives this Bentley model a one-of-a-kind vibe, and to some extent, we can customize the cabin to your own preferences.

The Interior Designee of the Bentley Mulsanne

We have already seen that the Bentley Mulsanne chauffeur car is luxurious and majestic. In addition to that, the car complements the chauffeur range of ultra-luxury cars wonderfully. It’s also amazing that the suspension is adjustable and calibrated for a comfortable ride. What makes it even more luxurious are the heated and cooled passenger rear seats. The car has a massaging option for its passengers. The cabin’s interior has some excellent controls. The leather-trimmed rear cup holders are really useful, as they act as the rear-seat picnic tables. According to Bentley, the interior of the Bentley Mulsanne can take more than 170 man-hours to create.

Audio, and infotainment are all included.

We all know that the Bentley Mulsanne is part of the Volkswagen Group. It’s for this reason that it utilizes a modified version of the giant brand’s infotainment system. The Mulsanne car is fitted with an eight-inch touchscreen that’s easy to use. The screen is jam-packed with technology, albeit the fonts and visuals are all custom-made for the elegant vehicle.

Bluetooth, Apple Car Play, and sat-nav are standard features that come with it. The specification includes iPad picnic tables with screens in the backseats, Naim audio, and a Wi-Fi-enabled hotspot.

Practicality, comfort, and boot space are all important factors

When you rent the Mulsanne car from us, we’ll provide you with plenty of room in the back seats. The Mulsanne is a car that anyone can enjoy, because you’ll have plenty of room whether you’re in the front or back. The boot space can comfortably swallow a few golf bags, picnic hampers, or fitted luggage sets. But please note that this isn’t a car for excursions to the hardware store; instead, you can rent it to go out for picnic activities because it was strongly built on focus and relaxation.

Keyless entry, soft-close doors, and a motorized boot lid are all beautiful features that you get to enjoy. Parking sensors are standard and a must in a car that’s this majestic.

Our regular Bentley Mulsanne is elegant. Although the Extended Wheelbase model is even longer, measuring about six meters from front to back, Legroom, headroom, and passenger space are all available.

Safety and Reliability

Engine technology has been proven, and the car provides reliability. With our Bentley Mulsanne, you are sure to protect your passengers in case of an accident.

Electronic stability control and active suspension are active technologies that are integrated to keep the car stable. We are known for our customer service, so if you have a reliability issue, you can expect prompt assistance.


Our Bentley Mulsanne is available for hire for luxurious weddings, chauffeur-driven trips to sporting events or concerts, and other special occasions. While traveling in the Derbyshire area or the rest of the UK, the Bentley provides significant business comfort for the discerning business professional. For more information, please contact our online reservation service.