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If landed on this page, then you are one of those BMW fans who can’t get enough of the brand. Or maybe you are just looking for new experiences. Okay, do you want to put the lauded dynamism and maneuverability of BMW vehicles to the test? Regardless of your goals, with our BMW X6, you will undoubtedly attract and fascinate everyone. In Derby, we are the most popular car rental providers as we offer sports cars that skillfully blend the qualities of an SUV and a coupe.

Furthermore, at Derby Limos Hire, we understand that the BMW X6 is a true pinnacle of luxury. We’ll provide you with a car that has a unique and remarkable design, dynamic bodywork, and cutting-edge technologies (such as the off-road package or the radiator grille). All of these are included in our BMW X6 hire. Our BMWX6 hire demonstrates a sports car’s overwhelming supremacy. Therefore, we provide a BMW X6 for rent in Derby so that you can test its capabilities and enjoy the ride.


With this air-conditioned automatic machine, you will get to your destination in style. It’s excellent for small groups wishing to get from point A to point B in luxury. It’s because the car has a carrying capacity of only seven passengers and a small boot for them to keep their luggage. Our pricing is subject to change at any time, so make your reservation immediately to avoid disappointment!

It’s amazing how BMW took things to the next level while developing the X6 M. The BMW X6 M is equipped with the most powerful engine ever put into a BMW road vehicle. In addition, the X6 M car boasts a unique coupé styling on top of its 4×4 frame.

Imagine the BMW X6 is yours for a day, a week, a month or for the longest time you can imagine. All you’ve got to do is book the car rental with us now and we’ll help you organize your pick-up or we can deliver it to you at your doorstep. The car stands out as one of the sportiest SUVs on the road, thanks to its sloped rear window that tapers towards the trunk. BMW has definitely demonstrated its engineering expertise with the X6 M. It features an optimized cooling system, various distinctive design details, and an aggressive roadside appearance.

Rent The X6 M with Us and You’ll Appreciate the Features

You will surely appreciate the following benefits as a result of your BMW x6 car rental in Derby:

A design that is both stylish and presentable (impressive proportions, iconic glow, and ideal wheel disks).

  • Sound absorbers
  • Interior materials are of high grade.
  • Fuel usage is low.
  • Diesel and gasoline systems provide power.
  • It has a comfortable driving experience thanks to its chassis.
  • Perfect dynamics and automatic transmission (gearboxes with 6 or 8 speeds)

Renting a BMW X6 in Derby grants you a chance to experience the German brand’s cutting-edge innovations. As a result, the vehicle’s features will keep you satisfied. What’s most amazing is that the car gives you access to information about the vehicle. It can, for example, calculate how many kilometers you can drive based on the amount of gas in your tank.

Overall, when you rent a BMW x6, you will arrive at your destination in complete comfort and safety!

Rent Our BMW X6 in Derby

We love our clients and strive to deliver excellent service at all costs. We have, therefore, employed trained specialists to keep an eye on adherence to safety rules and provide daily car maintenance. Simply rent our BMW X6 in Derby and enjoy the thrill of driving this German automobile masterpiece.

What is the procedure for renting our BMW X6 in Derby?

We accept reservations from anyone over the age of 18 with a valid driver’s license and identification card. You can easily and quickly hire the BMW X6 available on our site (just view our inventory, compare specifications and features, costs, and take a look at our gallery for some cool BMW images) or contact our online reservation team for a free consultation. Note that you should only decide on the date and time you require a BMW X6 for rent in Derby before making a reservation. If you’re planning a trip, comprehensive coverage insurance is recommended because the default policy does not cover all damages and accidents.

Finally, at Derby Limos, we manage the rental procedure and ensure a positive customer experience. Simply hire the X6 car with us and we’ll deliver it to you on time.