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Have you ever wished to drive the most luxurious Mercedes convertible? Well, we are more than happy to announce that our Mercedes CLK is now available for hire. Most of us refer to the CLK-Class as a mid-size or entry-level luxury coupé. Whatever the term you find suitable for the car, it’s generally the most fascinating convertible car from Mercedes-Benz.
Back Story Of The Mercedes CLK
Between the years 1998 and 1999, Mercedes Motor Company developed a very limited production of the Mercedes CLK cars. The Mercedes CLK then earned the coveted distinction of being the most costly production car ever produced by only meeting FIA regulations.
This extraordinarily rare supercar is costly to purchase, making it extremely difficult to obtain. It is the closest thing drivers can get to driving a race car on the streets. The Mercedes CLK hire has the performance of a Formula 1 race car but is slightly modified to make it appropriate and safe for the roads.
Exterior Desine Of The Mercede CLK Hire
The Mercedes CLK hire is possibly the most unique Mercedes car hire in the UK. It’s definitely like a futuristic luxury sportscar. This Mercedes model’s design, both interior and exterior, is stunning and aggressive. The car comes with a low, angular body and dihedral doors for maximum space and ease of opening. It’s also amazing that each model is meticulously hand-built in Germany.
To minimize weight and improve aerodynamics, the chassis is made of aluminum and carbon fiber for a head-turning look. If you’re planning to rent a unique luxury car for any special occasion, then Mercedes CLK hire will make a stunning entry.
Interior Designe of the Mercedes CLK Hire
The Mercedes CLk’s interior has been kept simple and well organized, emulating the race car predecessors of the type. Every feature in the cabin of the car is designed with the driver in mind. The cabin is also simple, with easy-to-use controls and well-planned seating.
The interior of a Mercedes CLK car provides a realistic sensation of driving a race vehicle on the road. This car only provides enough room for one passenger to join you in your spectacular race car experience.
Engineering and Performance Of The Mercedes CLK Car
Although the exterior and interior appearance are certainly a work of beauty, the engineering and performance of this one-of-a-kind luxury supercar hire is matchless. The Mercedes CLK car underwent a massive upgrade. The 7.3-liter V12 engine produces an incredible 720 horsepower and has a top speed of roughly 198 mph. Furthermore, this car accelerates from 0-60mph in under 3.8 seconds. It’s way faster and furious, providing any thrill seeker with the most memorable ride. The Mercedes CLK car hire is ideal for those who want to have experience of a race car in the UK.
Mercedes CLK For Hire
The Mercedes motor company announced that prior to the CLK release, at least 300 people attempted to rent one of these gorgeous supercars. This simply indicates how this car is in high demand and attracts admiring glances from other car enthusiasts, drivers, and pedestrians all around the world.
Book Your Mercede CLK In the UK Today
At Derby Limos Hire, we would be delighted to assist you in hiring a Mercedes CLK. We have some of the world’s rarest and most costly supercars. We have also rented out our sports cars to celebrities and big football teams, including Man-United. We have extremely limited editions of sports cars that are only featured in movies.
In addition to our large sports car rental fleet, our services are affordable, which is why we remain competitive in the car hire industry. Our knowledgeable reservation team are always ready to provide advice and recommendations based on your specific car hire needs. As a team, we’ll work together to make your event a success. Book your sports car rental today and we’ll deliver it as quickly as possible. We deliver our supercars to any address in the UK and guarantee a worldservice-class from the beginning of your trip to the end.