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Mercedes-Benz S-class hire is definitely a rolling exhibition of the brand’s finest technology. We have this Mercedes S-class for hire. This elegant vehicle provides a personal touch and makes you feel like a celebrity. The Mercedes-Benz famous sedan not only has a luxurious interior with the finest materials, but it also has large OLED screens. The screens are fitted on the dashboard, with additional technologies like a 3D-capable display and navigation with augmented reality.
We can confirm that the Mercedes S-class’s acceleration comes from either a 429-hp straight-six (S500) or a 496-hp V-8 engine. Both the engines come standard with all-wheel drive (S580). Driving any of our Mercedes S-class models is more about seclusion and relaxation than thrills. We ensure that you get the best Mercedes S-Class car hire experience, which is why the finest seats are in the back. Even though we will provide you with the car with the optional rear-axle steering, you’ll find the car surprisingly flexible around curves and in traffic. Regardless of your special occasion, make the year 2022 a memory.
Performance, Engine, and Transmission
Our Mercedes S-class comes with a thrilling performance that will leave you mesmerized. With a 496-hp twin-turbo 4.0-litre V-8 engine, the car’s engine performance and transmission are out of this world. Additionally, the car has a 48-volt hybrid system (dubbed EQ Boost) that supplements both powertrains. The powertrains are paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission and 4Matic all-wheel drive.
We are also anticipating a plug-in hybrid vehicle with an all-electric range of roughly 60 miles. The model was tested in both Germany and the United Kingdom, demonstrating its various suspension and steering modes.
While all the S-Class models have air suspension, the S-Active Body Control system features a “curve” function. This curve’s purpose is to gently lean the vehicle into curves. The S-class can also be fitted with an all-wheel steering system, which is known to improve traction.
The S-class models can also be ordered with all-wheel steering, giving them a crab-like movement. This feature makes the enormous Mercedes surprisingly manoeuvrable in compact situations.
Cargo, Interior, and Comfort
When you book your S-class car from Derby Limos, be sure to enjoy your ride. The car is fitted with screens on the inside. There are plenty of them, well fitted from the dashboard to the backrests. We have equipped the sedan with up to five touchscreens, including a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster in the centre of the car. The latter works in conjunction with other technology to produce a three-dimensional image. However, the 3-D display can be turned off if you want a more traditional look on the screens.
There are also many innovations, including an improved head-up display. The head-up display is improved in the sense that it comes with augmented reality navigation directions. In summary, the arrows move and turn in real-time. It has made it easier to help the drivers. The S-Class’s build quality and cabin materials are up to Mercedes’ high standards. What we love most about this car is that all passengers, especially those in the back, enjoy limousine-like comfort. In our research, we also realised that the new model’s rear-seat space features somewhat more headroom and legroom. The car also has power-adjustable reclining chairs with massaging capabilities and comprehensive heating components.
The optional rear-seat entertainment system includes two 11.6-inch screens on the front setbacks. You will also notice the dynamic LED interior lighting. The interior of the new 2022 A class is something to celebrate. Once onboard, you are kept occupied psychologically as well as physically.
Features for Driver Assistance and Safety
Each four-door S-class model hired from Derby Limos Hire comes standard with a suite of driver-assistance features. Some of these features include the ability of the car to park itself. What’s even more amazing is that the car can even take precautionary measures to safeguard passengers if a collision is detected. Furthermore, the S-Class car hire also comes with novel features like rear-seat airbags. Both the airbag and the active suspension system help lift the car. By so doing, it helps limit the degree of damage in the event of a collision.
• The following are some of the most common safety features for S-Class models:
• Lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist are standard.
• Automatic emergency braking in the case of a head-on collision is also standard.
• Stop-and-go technology is standard on adaptive cruise control.
At Derby Limos Hire, we are a luxury limousine and sports car rental company. We specialize in executive cars for corporate events, leisure trips, VIP transportation, wedding transportation, school prom transfers, airport transfers, and birthday parties.
We can also provide long-term Mercedes S-Class rental services to businesses, non-governmental organizations, or for personal use. Please contact our online reservation team for more information and to book.