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Rolls-Royce Hire
Our large fleet of Rolls-Royce hire is just magnificent. Rolls-Royce hire is identified with unsurpassed premium design, seamless style, and opulent sophistication.
We can guarantee you that no car can beat a Rolls Royce hire for making an impression at any event. A Rolls Royce rental from Derby Limos Hire is really a sumptuous experience from beginning to end. We’ll provide you with a well-organized car, with attention to detail and superb craftsmanship.
Rolls-Royce Hire Derby
If you’re looking for the most luxurious sports car in Derby, we highly recommend our Rolls-Royce hire services. Rolls-Royce hire Derby is the perfect car to rent for any special event. You are welcome to rent a Rolls-Royce car from Derby Limos Hire. We provide nationwide chauffeur service, and self-drive is also available. When you book our Rolls-Royce chauffeured services, one of our highly experienced drivers will accompany you on your trip. Our chauffeurs are very professional and know all the shortest routes in Derby. Be sure that you will have the most memorable Rolls-Royce Hire derby experience.
Our Rolls Royce hire Derby is unquestionably the pinnacle of luxury driving! The vehicle’s stunning design is matched by truly ground-breaking technology. When you rent this luxurious car, you will definitely feel like royalty.
The Rolls-Royce manufacturers made these luxury models by combining the best of British design and craftsmanship. The combination led to the production of a vehicle that is extravagant and gorgeous, representing the peak of on-road luxury. The modern technology and entertainment systems onboard complement their superb design. Not forgetting the finish, ensuring that every passenger feels like royalty, wherever they are.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Hire
This is the Rolls-Royce car model that is most associated with power and luxury. The Rolls-Royce Ghost model is the result of nearly a century of British engineering and design talent. We all dream of driving this model. It’s the most enjoyable luxury car to drive as it is also attractive. The Ghost model was created to be faster and sportier than the Rolls-Royce Phantom. We can conclude that the Rolls-engineers certainly succeeded in their goals as the car can accelerate from zero to 62 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds. The Rolls-Royce Ghost is, for sure, the pinnacle of modern luxury. We can actually help you make your dream a reality, whether you’re renting a car for a day or a week.

Driving Experience Of The Rolls-Royce Ghost
Our Rolls-Royce Ghost hire provides a unique driving experience. Even if you are an experienced driver, you will be surprised at what the car has to offer. The interior of a Rolls-Royce Ghost hire is just as unique as its performance. As you get familiar with the car, you’ll realise that the Ghost is the ultimate blend of traditional style with epic power. Many aspects of this Rolls-Royce model have been deliberately hidden, hence the phrase “Ghost”. This is because the manufacturers wanted the driver to focus on what was most important: driving. Some of the characteristics that have been designated to and stitched leatherwork
• Customized Audio System
• Carefully sculpted leather seats,
• Spirit of Ecstasy
• V12 engine, 6.6 litres
• The Rota controller
• Satellite-assisted GPS data
Our Rolls-Royce Ghost hire ensures that it is as individual as the driver. This Rolls-Royce was created as if it was about to transport the world’s most powerful person. Hiring a Rolls-Royce Ghost means that you want to have a good time. In addition to having a good time, with our Rolls-Royce Ghost, you can take control of your destiny. Although the Rolls-Royce Ghost might be slightly smaller than the Phantom, it is faster. The car can reach a top speed of 154 miles per hour.
Contact our online reservation team today to discuss your Rolls-Royce hire Derby needs. If you have any questions, please call our 24/7 customer service department at +44 (0)7943 144777.